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At Immanuel, we believe that we have a mandate to love and care for everyone – especially children, young people and the vulnerable (Ja 1:27). Jesus made it clear that children are important to Him (Matt 19:14) and trusted relationships between young and old are endorsed, encouraged and should be founded on love and mutual respect (Jn 13:34 and Prov 4). We believe God puts us in families so we are cared for (Ps 68:6) and  that when relational issues arise in the church, we should adhere to the scriptural principles of confronting the offender, addressing the consequences of sin and moving towards reconciliation (Gal 6:1).

Follow these links to see a copy of our policies: 

files/Immanuel Safeguarding Policy June 2020.pdf

files/Immanuel Safeguarding Procedures June 2020.pdf