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We are passionate about the young people responding to the good news of Jesus for themselves and knowing who they are as sons and daughters of their Heavenly Father. To that end we offer a variety of activities both midweek and on Sundays, as well as an independent school.


Immanuel toddler group is a weekly event designed to provide a safe and fun environment for 0-4-year-old children and their parents/carers.

Our heart is to serve the families of the school and the local community. We meet every Wednesday during Immanuel School term time from 9am-11am. It costs £3 per family or £1 for a single child under 1 year.








A group for those in years 1-5. High energy games, crafts and a short ‘God slot’ to encourage the children in their relationship with Jesus and develop their character.



YEARS 10 +


A group for Year 10+ , where they can socialise with friends and leaders as well as be challenged and inspired in their faith, so that they would be confident in the person God created them to be.




What if… A school could have Jesus at the centre?

Immanuel School is a place where children thrive – a place where education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge, but is part of something far bigger.

Immanuel School is a place where friendships are formed; where skills and abilities are developed; where vision and calling are discovered; where wisdom is acquired; a place in which children experience a sense of ‘family’ and belonging. A place where God is glorified.

Immanuel School is an independent school – one of a number of ministries run by Immanuel – catering for 3 to 16- year -old pupils, with a distinctively Christian vision, ethos and value system. We serve families from many different church backgrounds and nations.

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We take issues of child protection very seriously at Immanuel. All our clubs and activities are overseen by people who have undertaken safeguarding training and are DBS checked. 

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