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These are some of the exciting, special events that you need to know about! Mark the dates in your diary and be sure not to miss out.


At Immanuel, we believe that we have a mandate to love and care for everyone – especially children, young people and the vulnerable (Ja 1:27). Jesus made it clear that children are important to Him (Matt 19:14) and trusted relationships between young and old are endorsed, encouraged and should be founded on love and mutual respect (Jn 13:34 and Prov 4). We believe God puts us in families so we are cared for (Ps 68:6) and  that when relational issues arise in the church, we should adhere to the scriptural principles of confronting the offender, addressing the consequences of sin and moving towards reconciliation (Gal 6:1).

Follow these links to see a copy of our policies: 

files/Immanuel Safeguarding Policy June 2020.pdf

files/Immanuel Safeguarding Procedures June 2020.pdf