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We are a community who pursue an atmosphere where salvation, healing and people being set free is common place; and where miracles, signs & wonders are very welcome.  We love the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but desire above all else to worship the one who gives them.

For more about our leadership team, our core values and what we believe continue reading.


Peter Taylor

Peter is the team leader. Passionate for Jesus and has a vision to see God's Kingdom built. He has a big heart for Romford and is committed to working with local churches. He loves being a dad to his four young children and enjoys sport, making time to play hockey most weeks. Peter was one of Immanuel School's first pupils and now teaches PE in the school as part of his role.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah is married to Peter and they currently have 4 children. She has lived in Romford most of her life, was educated at Immanuel School and is works as a GP in Chelmsford. Sarah has a real hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit and longs to see supernatural break out. She dreams of preaching the gospel to thousands of people and seeing revival in Romford. She brings a prophetic gift to the team as well as her infectious joy!

Ben Cope

Ben is married to Karen and they have 3 children. He has always lived in Romford and now teaches at Immanuel School, having been one of its first pupils when it opened, as Acorn school, in 1980. He is a worship leader and longs to see people of all ages thrive in their relationship with God.

Our CORE Values


We believe that intimacy with God is the starting point for who we are and what we do. We want all that we do be out of a place of deep intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – wanting to be Spirit led in everything.


This naturally flows from our first core value and we see it as a privilege to be able to worship God freely. We recognise that true worship is a lifestyle and not just about music and creativity.


We love to hear about what God is saying and speak that out whether that be a corporate word or personal prophecy.


As well as the part it plays in both personal and corporate intimacy with the Lord, we believe prayer changes things.


We believe this is foundational to the way we bring through the next generation and developing Godly character.


The way the church is described in Acts 2:42-47 is our model and we want to see relationships, marriages and families flourishing. We believe the biblical truth that everyone has something to contribute is best outworked in community.


We dream and desire to see lives transformed, and everyone impacted by the Gospel. We long to see Jesus in greater measure all the time and everywhere


We have a vision that is bigger than just ourselves, wanting to see the whole church grow and seeing our nation impacted. As part of this, we look to build relationships with other ministries and congregations in the area.



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on earth as it is in heaven

immanuel church 

We Believe

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Want to Know More?

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